Sunday, July 10, 2005

Most Interesting/Controversial New Film Project of the Year of Its Release

Hey all. Yes. I'm guilty of not blogging, but I've been kept busy elsewhere in film discussion but I'll still try to keep up with things here.

Here's an article from Ain't It Cool News about a new film project about 9/11! Nicholas Cage (who is a better actor than most give him credit for) and Oliver Stone (who does his best work in project's about important events in American history i.e. JFK, Platoon). To me this definitely will be one of the most talked about projects in the next year. I'm glad to hear that Stone is attached rather than someone like Michael Bay (Pearl Harbour), because for whatever shortcomings he has, Stone will at least explore some of the interesting issues like heroism, national identity, etc. rather than just using human tragedy as the backdrop for an exciting action movie (again, see Pearl Harbour).

Speaking of controversy though, Spielberg is already hard at work on his next film. It's a still untitled project about the murder of Israeli atheletes by Palestinians at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Interestingly though, he's going to be not merely exploring the atrrocity itself, but Isreal's reaction (the hunting down of those responsible, going beyond international boundaries). I'm glad to hear this. It raises so many questions, such as our response to "terrorism," the situation in the Middle East, the right of a nation to protect/avenge itself, etc. It will definitely be one of the most controversial films of this year, not only from Palestinian perspectives (who would rather we forget this happened), but from Israeli as well (who from the sounds of things, are not portrayed very sympathetically in their pursuit of revenge agains the perpetrators). Yes, I said this year. The film is already slated for a Dec. 23 release for this year. Will Steven be back in the winner's circle come Oscar time?

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Most Interesting Movie Poster of the Year?