Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Collection Continues

Last night I was up until 1:30 AM finishing a long overdue inventory of my DVD collection. I know, you're saying, "You need to do an INVENTORY of your personal DVD collection?" The sad truth of the matter is, yes!

As of last night I have 234 films, in 218 collections, by my count. I had to go through my collection and manually count what I had, and see if it matched up with my records. Then I double-checked my list of DVDs that I have lent out and see if it all worked out. Thankfully it did.

Then I went to my database at DVD Aficionado and entered all the new DVDs I've gotten over the past few months, updated the cases in which I'd gotten a new Special Edition and ditched the old one (Trainspotting, The Manchurian Candidate), then, just because it was bugging me, I went through and updated all the star ratings for each of my films. Just for you info, the first gold stars rate the DVD (technical quality, sound, picture clarity, special features, etc.) and the second red stars rate the feature itself, basically how many stars I would give the film.

I decided to use the scale the Roger Ebert uses:

**** - Great, among the best of that given

***½ - Excellent
*** - Good
**½ - Good in it's genre
** - Average
*½ - Poor
* - Terrible
½ - Frightening
No Stars - Run in Terror!

I did do many of the ratings late last night. If their are no ratings, either I haven't watched the movie or it's been too long for me to make an accurate assesment. Also, for disc ratings, a film needs to have a good mix of both features and technical quality to qualify for the **** rating. Feel free to disagree. Heck, make a comment. I might even change my mind.


At 9:08 p.m., Blogger cait said...

So--I thought there was eventually going to be a response to my comment about Star Wars . . . or are you not in an argumentative mood? ;o)

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