Thursday, November 25, 2004

Les Miserables

Just got back from seeing Les Miserables. Suffice to say, it was amazing. I've listened to the music for most of my life, I even own the CD of the Original London Cast, but finally getting to see it live was brilliant. I went with Anton, who had the good fortune of seeing it in London in the spring of 2003 (he saw so much theatre when he was in London that I don't even want to go into it. If I am lucky enough to get a Hannon Travel Scholarship, you know what I'm doing with it - London, Stratford, Paris).

Les Mis is one of the those brilliant pieces of art that is both beautiful and profound. I know, I know. I said that about Ikiru as well, but it really is. The themes present in Les Mis, such as grace, forgiveness, and love (Romantic, Parent-Child, Un-requited) are dealt with effortlessly. I really need to read Hugo's novel now. It's one of those things that I'll have to read on my own, since it's a translation it can't really be studied in English Lit. proper. Also, I was really impressed with the production values on the performance. I know that it's Broadway and that the designers are all pros with multiple Tony's and Oscar's, but I was still really impressed. The rotating stage gives the audience a unique perspective that one mostly finds in film.

It really is the best. No hyperbole.


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