Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Almost Famous

So tonight I got to fulfill that frightening first in the world of the entertainment journalist: my first interview! I felt like William Miller in Almost Famous, finally getting to really become a "rock" journalist. However The Sheaf is a far cry from Rolling Stone, let me tell you.

The artist in question was Ivana Santilli, whom I had mentioned in my post yesterday. It was one of those crazy phone interviews, where one calls up at a pre-determined time and then goes to it. In this case the interview was initially set for 4:30 pm EST. Which Amelia had interpretted as 6:30 pm Saskatoon time. Of course it's actually 2:30 pm MST (which is what we are for the time being), but fortunately I figured that out. Of course, then Ivana didn't call at that time and then I had to go to class. But I got a call around 6:00 pm (MST) saying that Ivana would be able to do the interview at 6:30. So I raced to The Sheaf offices, only to find out she was stuck in the recording studio in Toronto until 7:00 now. So I stuck around and did some copy editing for Dave, then I got my interview.

It went pretty well. I didn't have it terribly scripted. It helped that I was a fan of her music, so I was able to ask questions that I think were decent. Fortunately she was in a talkative mood, and I got good long responses for her. Then she had to go to meet a friend for dinner, so we finished, with the addendum that I should stick around after the concert here in Saskatoon, Friday Nov. 12th and then we could chat some more.

So that was it. Now I'm thinking I'm almost famous...or at least I've interviewed someone who is.


At 9:40 p.m., Blogger cait said...

Okay, I officially *hate* you :)


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