Friday, January 28, 2005

Oscar Talk - Part 1

I'll have an arcticle in the upcoming Sheaf and I'll have more accurate predictions and such after I finish seeing some more films this weekend. Still I have some things to say. Firstly lets discuss the Best Supporting Actor race.

Performance by an actor in a supporting role

Alan Alda in "The Aviator"

Thomas Hadyn Church in "Sideways"

Jamie Foxx in "Collateral"

Morgan Freeman in "Million Dollar Baby"

Clive Owen in "Closer"
This is a relatively competitive category. Some people have been saying that Jamie Foxx's votes are going to be split between "Collateral" and "Ray," but I just don't see that happening. Firstly Jamie has so much momentum in the Best Actor category, and secondly there's a lot of really close competition in this category already that I don't think a significant number of voters are going to give Jamie's role in "Collateral" much thought (although I for one thought he was excellent and perhaps more accomplished in that film. It's one thing to give an award for good acting rather than being a good mimic). I think the award could go to either Clive Owen, whose performance in "Closer" was outstanding, or Thomas Hadyn Church ("Sideways"), especially seeing as how they snubbed Paul Giamatti! Alan Alda has an outside shot, but seeing as "The Aviator already has so many nominations I don't think this is one that it's going to get, but he is a beloved Hollywood character playing out of type. Morgan Freeman just doesn't have the buzz around him, so I don't see it happening. On top of that "Million Dollar Baby" is going to rack up enough stuff anyway, at least that's what I predict.


At 9:37 a.m., Blogger Luke said...

I totally agree with you about Jamie Foxx. His role in collateral was much more complex than his performance in Ray. While it is part of his comedic talent to mimic people, i found he took a far more ranf of talent to be Max. Max had to be weak and strong at the same time. He had to be weak enoug hto have followed his dream up to that point, but still strong enough to beable to stand up to Vincent. He had to be beleievable as both a victim of the forces around him and as a bit of an action hero. His Mimicing skills got to be used when he had to pertend to be vincent and in that sence you got to see the full range of Foxx's skill. Anyone who thought that it was a supporting role, really didn't watch the film.

At 10:28 a.m., Blogger Ewan said...

I agree that Jamie Foxx did a credible job in Collateral, but i don't think it's really that great. How hard is it to stand up to Tom Cruise? He's about 4 feet tall. True, Cruise did a good job of being a hitman, but standing up to him (and i mean literally and figuratively) is not the same as standing up to say...Russel Crowe or Eric Bana.

I also found the whole character to be a bit cliched, and didn't believe for a second that a cabbie would get some fine woman's phone number. Wow, i sound like a cynical bastard!

At 3:29 p.m., Blogger Luke said...

BY standing up to cruise i meant his character Vincent. a rich,seemingly more sucessful person than Max. I don't find it that high a concept for a cabby to get a women's number. Altough it can at times seem harder than stopping a lethal assassin.


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