Friday, March 25, 2005


I just want to say, I'm overwhelmed with the response I've gotten to my last post. Thank you all for you comments.

No decisions have been made yet in any direction. Now there will be a lot of searching out options and figuring out plans. In once sense I hold this as a reason why an English degree IS great. I still have so many options. I'm not at all set on a single path. There are a number of film schools that I'm going to check out (Caitlin; London would be cool, and I was actually thinking about it partly because my highschool media teacher did his degree in London - although I think at University College London). UVic is still an option for graduate studies (and only a one year program), and my dad encourages me to look at film studies and journalism programs that would lead to a career as a film critic. So many options.


Watched a few movies the other night and want to just make a few comments.

Firstly,Howard Hawks' Bringing Up Baby is one of the most perfect comedies I have ever seen. I think I've actually known some people like Katherine Hepburn's character in the film, and Cary Grant is amazing playing out of character as the bumbling professor-type. Good stuff. Highly recommended.

Also watched Wu jian dao (Infernal Affairs). This movie is an excellent cop/mobster cat-and-mouse kind of film (along the lines of Heat) that I really enjoyed. It stars Andy Lau (House of Flying Daggers) and Tony Leung (Hero) as a police mole and undercover cop, respectively. The film unfolds as each side attempts to discover the plant in each others network. It's a solidly crafted film, with fine performances, and never lets gimmicks or action sequences take away from the characters and their problems.

I was really interested in the film because Martin Scorsese is remaking the film with DiCaprio and Matt Damon in the lead roles (with Jack Nicholson as well). I can see how the material could really easily and competently be adapted to an American setting (NYPD and Mafia, rather than Hong Kong police and Triads), and the underlying story should work well with Scorsese's sensibilities.


At 12:58 p.m., Blogger Ewan said...

I keep seeing clips of Sin City, and i'm actually getting kind of excited by it. Benecio and Clive both look awesome in it.

At 10:20 a.m., Blogger Luke said...

SWEET! I'm now number one on the links list. How long will I be able to hold on!

At 10:35 a.m., Blogger Anders said...

People who want to move up in the Blog List can make donations to my pocket in the form of cash.


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