Saturday, July 10, 2004

Rounders and Grinders

Yeah, so it seems that poker has become the new obsession among my circle of friends. A couple of them, specifically Ryan Fisher and Stephen Koo, are pretty hardcore, and pretty damn good a the game. I've been doing decent for the last month, winning consistantly (until last night), and probably pulling in close to $40 in winnings in the last month alone.

So last night we had our weekly poker game, for the fifth consecutive week, and it was pretty good. I lost big, putting all in on a Full House (10s over 6s) that I was sure on, only to lost to Koo who got four of a kind. Outta no where! Damned wild cards! Anyway, the point is that I've discovered how great a game poker can be. Equal parts, bluffing, skill, and luck, week after week one discovers new elements of the game and new things about your fellow players. All in all, it's fun. Makes me want to check out the film Rounders again.

Went down to the Yard & Flagon pub last night for a couple of Coronas on the deck. Good times, good weather. Went by Lydia's to see Aiden, Ryan and Ewan, but there was a cover for $4, which is too much for quick drop in, but I left greetings with Michael Scoles (whose foot is still broken).

As some of you made have gathered, if you read The New Ryan Blog, crazy shit is going down at Blockbuster, and my man Ryan has unfortunately taken the brunt of it. Nothing that I'm prepared to devulge on my end of things, yet, but stay tuned for BIG news in the next few days.


At 1:37 a.m., Blogger Ryan said...

"We Gotta Take The Power Back"

Zach de la Rocha


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