Saturday, August 21, 2004

What's going on.

Well, for starters, I'm busy. Actually, that might be an understatement this past week. Basically, I was working three, yes, three, jobs, though two were for the same employer, but different payroll. That sort of thing.

Firstly, I worked my job at Sport Chek, which I'm beginning to somewhat dislike. It's not that it's such a bad place. It really isn't. But, I'm becoming more and more sure that retail is not where I belong. The pressure to sell is too much. Plus, I broke a pane of glass on one the containers. That was no fun to clean up. The second job I did for my employer from Gateway Newstands. It was to cut imported tile from India into smaller pieces for use on sample boards. Sounds facinating, doesn't it? Let me tell you it is far less glamourous than I make it seem. Though learning to use a wet saw (for cutting stone) was interesting, I also realized that I'm not really made out for manual labour. As a person who thinks far too much, I have a tendency to let my mind wander. That can be dangerous.

Finally, the newstand. I quite like it there. It's nothing special. Basically I just sell people pop, drinks, and cigarettes. However, we also sell Cuban and Dominican cigars, and learning about those has been interesting. But the thing I like about the newstand is its simplicity. It's not about selling people something, but about creating a pleasant environment where people know they can come to get their essentials and confections. Also, it consists of long periods where I just get to sit and read magazines and listen to whatever CDs I own. Heh.

So that's what I've been up to lately. This week will consist of an excursion to Grasslands National Park to film Anton's western screenplay. Should be exciting.

Also be sure to check out some of the new trailers at, one of the best sites on the entire web. In particular, I Heart Huckabees looks particularily bizzare. Should be a good fall for movies.


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