Thursday, July 29, 2004

Return of the Blog (AKA Revenge of the Blog)

It's been a while since I've posted here. Like a lot of other "bloggers" I got burnt out, but I'm not out of the game. In fact, I'm back with a new look and something to say. The recent "fiasco" at Blockbuster, as well as Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan and a short jaunt to Edmonton for the weekend, has left me with little time to share on here. But that doesn't mean that nothing is going on in my world. In fact, quite a lot has happened.

Star Wars Episode III has a name! Revenge of the Sith. And I like it! This one feels right straight out of the gate. And with the final battle of the Clone Wars, the return of Darth Vader and Kashyyyk (that means Wookies!!) this is my most anticipated film right now.

Check out the T-shirt I've already ordered.

I have a new job. Yes. Already. Less than two weeks after I submitted my formal resignation from Blockbuster, I've already signed on with another heartless corporation in order to feed my souless desire for wealth and consumption. As of today, I have conditionally accepted a position at Sport Chek Midtown Plaza, as a Hard Goods Sales Associate. Basically, that means I'll be the guy to go to if you need skates, hockey equipment, golf clubs, etc. It sounds like it will be and ok job and the people there are pretty positive. So that's a plus. The thing to remember is that this is "just" a job, and not to put my entire life into it.

"I gots ta get paid!" - Mookie, Do the Right Thing

I love comic books. Wow, what a revelation. All I know is that this summer I realized how much I love those things. They're not just children's material (in fact, stuff like Mark Millar's Wanted, are far from it); it's a legitimate art form. For those of you who are tired of the superhero stuff I recommend Y: The Last Man, Conan, Gotham Central, or The Goon. And if you love superheroes, like I do, Astonishing X-Men, Superman, or any of the Spider-man titles right now, are wonderful reads. My mutual love of film and literature has got me thinking that comic books are a beautiful hybrid between the two. In fact what the classes I'm registered in this fall, I'm thinking that I may take a crack at creating my own title.

As for those classes I'm registered in, well here's the list:

English 401 Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature: The Vikings
English 413 19th Century British Literature
English 387 English Satire
Art 112 Fundamentals in Drawing

Should be a good year, as it's my last at the University of Saskatchewan. Hopefully I'll find a graduate school for the year after. Anyone who knows of some good post-graduate English departments, drop me a word at the e-mail link provided, as I'm still looking.

I'm looking to be a little more consistant with my postings, so hopefully I'll post some more tomorrow. There's always lots to say, but never the time to say it. Sometimes I just feel like talking movies and music. Sometimes a more profound or personal anecdote will do. But one thing about being a philosopher is, it's terminal.


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