Sunday, February 06, 2005

Poker, Cat Stevens, and Paradise Lost

I won again at poker tonight; quite handily. Ended up with $35. That makes me the big winner in both of our past games. Me thinks I want to find another game sometime and find out if it's just when I play with my friends, or if I've actually gained some skills. I feel like I have, but I'm not sure.


Again, one of the pleasures of "ripping" all these CDs onto iTunes is discovering your favourite tracks all over again. I was just finishing with the Rushmore Soundtrack, and I really love "Here Comes My Baby" by Cat Stevens. It's just one of those near perfect pop songs.


Also, I bought Shaun of the Dead finally. There was this awesome deal at Future Shop where I got both Shaun and Dawn of the Dead for $22.99. $27.99 for just Shaun of the Dead, or....get both for $5 less? I think it's a scam to just make sure that I can't walk out of that place without spending money. The ironic thing is that I was there to pay a bill.


Oh, and tomorrow (or today I guess) is the Paradise Lost reading. I'm going to be going, and then ducking out to work for a few hours and then popping back in before supper. I'm actually really looking forward to it, because it seems like one of those things that would never happen if it wasn't put on by the English department. Me and Anton were trying to figure out how long it would take to do an oral reading of The Lord of the Rings. I think that would be a task and half. Probably longer than watching all three of Peter Jackson's films. Also, whoever participates has to sing the songs, not just read them.


At 7:53 p.m., Blogger cait said...

Poker: I've been trying to teach some of my friends to play poker; it goes badly. I'm shite at the game for the most part, so I don't know if playing me would be any indicator of your genuine skill, but if you're interested in starting another game, I'm game.

At 12:43 a.m., Blogger jessica said...

i usually get a solid third place in family poker...

At 9:41 a.m., Blogger Ewan said...

That rushmore soundtrack kicks ass. Making Time, Rue St. Vincent, Nothing in this World to stop me worrying bout that girl, all great songs.


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