Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

I know that Easter doesn't mean as much to a lot of people these days, but for the Christian faith, Easter is perhaps the most holy of days, and the most joyful. So, I'm just going to shout out a happy Easter to everyone.


Last night we had a good time. Luke had an interesting story (which you can read here). Went out played some pool. Went to Alexanders for some food and drink - where they insisted on playing some horrid 80s satellite station (and I'm sorry, I just can't take Bette Midler singing "Wind Beneath My Wings"...I just CAN'T) which somewhat spoiled the moment for me- and then afterwards we decided to go to my house do so something. There's always something to do wether it's movies, video games or just sitting, talking and listening to music.

I have determined that some people have no ability to be decisive. So, instead of watching a movie, we decided to play our old-standby, Dead or Alive 3 for X-box. For those unfamilar, DOA is a fighting series involving various characters, mostly buxom, martial arts babes and chiseled Bruce Lee-ish men, fighting in full 3D, using actual martial arts moves. It's become a favourite of ours, and seriously competitive. We set out a "First to Twenty Wins" mandate, playing in sequence against each other. If you win, you keep your spot. You lose, and the next person's up.

Each of us has our own favourite characters. For instance, I favour the German Karate expert, Hitomi; Luke has the ninja Kasumi, Danny favours the Bruce Lee look-alike Jan lee, and Justin has found a soft spot for the wrestling babe, Tina. At first Danny was up quite a bit (18, to my 10 wins), but in the end I came back and went on a streak, taking the title for the night. The fact that it was a hard fought battle makes it all the more fun. All of us are equal enough that anyone could take any fight at a given moment, and one slip up, or missed kick can mean the difference between losing and victory.

This is Hitomi. She's mine. You can't have her. Posted by Hello


At 5:41 p.m., Blogger Luke said...

AHAHhHAha shes your and you can have her. Your power punches are no match for the long graceful legs of Kasumi..It was a fun night, perhaps the legendary DOA battles will become a staple again. Now we have a standard to go bye..20 win equals one in the cosmic sences of things.


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