Sunday, April 10, 2005

How Can You Tell Anton is Writing An Essay?

Perhaps my extreme lack of posting in the last few days. To be entirely fair, its not only this. I've been busy. The end of my undergraduate academic career neccessitated some good times on Friday night, and it delivered. Also, I ended up packing in16 hours of work, and a huge game of poker this weekend as well. So, as Caitlin says in her blog, I think this calls for a lazy Sunday now.

Luke issued an ultimatum a little while ago to see who watches the most movies in April. Anton and him are severely trouncing me. I have watched one-and-a-half movies this month (and it's already the 10th!) which is way off my normal average of 20-25 movies a month. I watched Sin City a second time in theatre, and watched half of Spartacus - one of the last remaining Kubrick films for me to see. Funny isn't it, how that's the one that most other people have seen - but then was falling asleep, so I will try to finish it tonight. And perhaps also watch Lady From Shanghai (Orson Welles with an Irish accent and Rita Hayworth) and other film tonight. That's my agenda for this lazy Sunday. Watch a lot of movies. I might even fit in another one later.

Also, the tentative plan is to go see The Merchant of Venice on Tues. night at the Broadway Theatre at 7 pm. I was thinking of going tonight, but Anton's Chaucer paper means that it will have to happen on Tues. (Wed. night I work and Fri. morning I have a final exam).


At 8:16 p.m., Blogger Luke said...

It's Finally here...and it's almost out on dvd HAhaha..oh well...count me in for tuesday


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