Sunday, April 24, 2005

Priorities, People!

Weekends are murder to my blogging. That's the way it is. Sorry.

The biggest news is: I HAVE MY TICKETS FOR EPISODE III !!!!!! Apparently they went on sale on Sat. morning at 6 pm. I didn't know this until suppertime when I got home, and then I realized I needed more than I could be guarenteed, so I jumped in my car and raced (at probably unsafe speeds; "Now, this is podracing!") down to the theatre and bought up 8 tickets. The girls there probably thought I was funny, but I don't care. I can now rest in peace knowing that I have my tickets. I have them in a safe place, next to my plane tickets for Rome and my passport. It's that important.

Also, I wrote my last undergraduate final on Friday. It's kind of exciting to think that I've almost got my degree. Also, kind of surreal. Wow.


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