Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm Back!

As I just said. I'm back. Arrived back around 11 pm (it's around 9-10 hours in the car with stops in Canmore and Drumheller).

1) The iPod was a resounding sucess on the trip. Everyone enjoyed the "Shuffle" ("You're listening to radio Anders). They say iPod's have personality and mine seems to have an affinity for David Holmes and Abbey Road.

2) The weather was amazing. Strangely there was almost no snow in the Columbia valley. But the ski hill was still "ski-able", so that was nice.

3) Large quantities of alchohol were consumed on the trip.

4) The word of the week was "serendipidous"; the week began with me finding a TY beanie baby hidden behind the TV in the villa. He was a horse named "Lightning". He became the mascot. Also, at Fairmont Ski Hill, we carried kegs of beer up from the basement and then got free beer from the bartender lady, so that was super. "Serendipidous" seems appropriate.

In the end it was a blast. Bighorn Mountain Sheep are cool and I feel out of contact with my reality.

Now to go read up on a weeks worth of blogs.


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